There has been a change of speaker and topic for our November lecture, though the date, time, and location remain the same. On Thursday, Nov. 14 at 6 pm in Jepson Hall 103 at the University of Richmond, Dr. Antonio Curet (Curator, National Museum of the American Indian) will present Death and Remembering: A New Interpretation of the Ceremonial Center of Tibes, Ponce, Puerto Rico”

Tibes air photo .jpg

The site of Tibes, located in southern Puerto Rico, is the oldest known ceremonial center in the Caribbean. The structures, changes in mortuary practices, and settlement pattern documented at Tibes have been interpreted to represent one of the earliest stratified societies in the region, the focus of administrative, residential, and/or ritual activities. However, a combination of new and previous information is forming a different, more complex and intricate view of the social and political history of the site. This presentation includes a brief review of Puerto Rican archaeology, a summary of the finds of the Archaeological Project of the Ceremonial Center of Tibes, and a new perspective in understanding the processes involved in the ancient history of the site

Directions and parking:
Jepson Hall is #221 on the UR campus map. Visitor parking is available after 5 pm in all lots. For Google Map or GPS directions, use 221 Richmond Way, Richmond, VA 23173.